What We Keep: Memoir Writing Workshop - Adults 

A fun, lively workshop series of three – four 90 minute workshops for adults to explore and develop their writing talents by illuminating the stories hidden within favorite keepsakes.  Participants will choose an object they have kept over the years and tell the story that makes it a keepsake – the moment, the person, the place it symbolizes.  Over the three weeks of the workshop writings will be shared and enriched with the help of the facilitator and the workshop participants.  The final workshop will be devoted to selecting the writings to be collected into a booklet.  Optional: Essays will be read at the library for the public.


Poetry is Mind Music: Learn How to Play - Children and Adults

Series of four 90 minute workshops for writers of all levels and ages.  Through these workshops participants will learn to use the music and images in words to create poetry.  Poems will be read and discussed during workshops with the aim of improving and celebrating the participants’ work.


Field Notes and Storylines: Writing from Nature – Children ages 10 - 15

Series of four one hour workshops on nature writing.  Participants will write a fictional story (300 – 500 words) based on a “character” of their choice from the natural world – animal, insect or amphibian.   First hand observations of his/her subject and its relationship to its environment will be woven into the craft of storytelling.  Participants will take field trips to local parks, preserves and farms for active observation, note taking and sketching.

Includes a reading list of exceptional natural history children’s fiction.


The Fungus Among Us – Children and Adults

One hour presentation on identifying and appreciating local mushrooms.

Contact Mary Cuffe Perez (mcuffeperez@gmail.com) for availability and pricing.